Monday, March 23, 2009


It is the invisible presence that governs your world. Trailing you like an unshakable shadow, it ticks and tocks incessantly - you can sense it in your heartbeat, in the rising and setting of the sun, and in your daily rush. It brings order to our lives through the categories of past, present and future.

There is nothing with which we are so familiar with and yet when you try to pin it down you find only a relentless torrent of questions. Why does time appear to flow? What makes it different from space? What is it?

Physicists have also struggled to understand what time really is. In fact, they are not even sure it exists at all. Some researchers increasingly suspect that time is not a fundamental feature of nature, but rather an artifact of our perception. One group has recently found a way to do quantum physics without invoking time, If this approach is correct it reinforces the theory that time is an illusion, and that we may need to rethink how the universe works.

According to general relativity, time is stitched together with space to form four-dimensional space-time. The passage of time is not absolute; instead, time differs from one frame of reference to the next, and what one observer experiences as time, another might experience as a mixture of time and space.


mi otro yo said...

Not making a difference, sometimes not to do with time but hopefully you can accommodate him. And what you see is what makes it different.

Time, always in that it is time? Think you can ever win? Stop a second and morirnos andalusia reborn next minute?
I have no idea what is the time and sometimes do not know how to use me.

En fin i hope soon podamos saber como acomodarnos with time y olvidarnos de esa silly idea de ganarle.

Saludos y otra vez excuse my english.

Mariana Soffer said...

Interesting, very interesting your comment. I am still thinking.
For example why the hell do we want to win our battle against time. It is nonsense, it is like wanting to win a fight against reproduction in all kind of living species. IT might be possible, who knows, I do not know what can and can't be done any more. but the question is what is it for?

Tim said...

Thanks for playing Oldies but Goodies! Make sure you post the button in your post so those who come can link back.

Here is what I think. Time is in fact just another word for what is really happening. That would be Life.

Time is only a calibration of space from one event to the next. At least thats how I see it.

Love and Prayers,


Mariana Soffer said...


Thank you tim for allowing me to put the link. And also for contributting with your interesting opinion. If you want to you can check my most recent post where I talk more extensively about the subject
Take care and thanks for all