Monday, March 23, 2009


This post intends the describe what happens when people try to create, in this a text, and they come across with the issue or originality.

Nothing. There’s nothing original. So I might as well give up now.
That’s what I often end up mumbling to myself, usually an hour or so after I’ve finished writing something new, once the initial elated feeling that it was the most powerful piece of prose ever committed to pixels has dissipated, to be replaced by the awful realization that someone, somewhere, probably did it all before. And did it far better, too.

When I came up with sing your own lullaby, that joyful sensation lasted for perhaps the shortest time I have ever experienced, possibly no more than three seconds. I knew with absolute certainty that the domain would already have been snapped up not just once, but a number of times. I was right.

Great amounts of blogs just replicate existing articles, like the ones from newspaper or the ones with product reviews. I do not get it, why take the time to copy the information if it is already there and they are not even adding any interesting comment.


ava said...

hola! pasé a saludar y agradecer el comment en un post de hace tiempo.

Mariana Soffer said...

Muchas gracias ava, cierto me acuerdo del post y todo, puse algo de laurie anderson. Mataria mantener una charla muy fluida, hay unas entradas en tu blog en las cuales estoy tentadisima escribir.


alfredo said...

completamente de acuerdo.

por eso algunos blog solo cuentan penas y desgracias, como el mio.


Mariana Soffer said...

No te puedo explicar el esfuerzo que hago para no contar penas y desgracias. Primero que corresonden a mi vida privada, y segundo que es mucho mas productivo aprender sobre distintas cosas y escribirlas.
Te agradezco mucho el cumplido y lo de arriba es solo un consejo para ti

alfredo said...

debo tener algo de narcicismo xD

concuerdo con las frases que citaste en mi blog, sobretodo con la primera: vivo atormentado por el dialogo interno y por las fuerzas del inconsciente cognitivo. y la musica si nos rapta de aquello.

ya nos habiamos visitado. pero unas palabras agradables me calman el dia