Monday, September 7, 2009

Award Nomination

First of all I want to thank Val for the nomination, it is an honor that is was you the one who proposed me for it. I want you to know that I deeply admire you as a human being, as a writer, and as a thinker.
Here are the rules for the award:
1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated

Here are 7 things about me you might find interesting:
1. At dinner my dad made me multiply 2 2 digits numbers without using a pencil or any kind of aid for it.
2. The first time I drove a car, with a legal driver's license, I smashed it again a parked van with it´s owner inside.
3. I can never remember people's name, I have been at the same work for 6 months and I know just half of the names (they are around 70), Including some that I have in charge.
4. I have waking up early, and need to work almost 11 hours a day.
5. I took at most 5 sunbaths in my hole life
6. I started reading mystery novels at the age of 11 and at 12 I was reading only sci-fi texts.
7. I deeply hate playing computer games

Here are the nominees (in no particular order):
1. a collection of thoughts: poetry, Buddhism, art, philosophy
2. Uncle Tree's House: poetry, life thoughts, religion, strength
3. Thus Sparke the Crow ....:art, poetry, illusions, moments
4. The Walking man: poetry, discipline, short stories, human rights
5. codepo(): programming, art, code poetry, visual art, HTML design
6. Thoughts on Thoughts: neuroscience, consciousness, perception, skeptical
7. Options associated for a better word: Community creation, art, writer, thinker


human being said...

are hanging
from the dome of life
ripening in the sun of your thoughts

when i lean against the tree


sweet and mellow

just hold out your hand
just hold out your hand


Mariana... you have a beautiful mind... and soul... it's an honor for crow to be noticed by you... especially now that she's dead...
love and peace to you, my dear friend...

Uncle Tree said...

Thank you for the lovely thought, Mariana!

Btw, I think your dad knew what was in store for you. My daughter starts driving next year, and it makes me nervous just thinking about it. She'll have to drive my one and only clunker. To work 11 hours a day and keep this blog going is an amazing feat on your part. Your skin must still be smooth and pearly white, eh? That you started with mystery novels and then went to sci-fi is really no surprise at all. I'm glad you did. It seems to have inspired a life-long quest within you. And you love playing computer games? Oh, where do you find the time, sweet niece?

Again, I appreciate your kindness. Love you to death!

the walking man said...

Thanks Mariana.

Although I don't post awards and stuff I will play the meme for you.

1) My first car was a 65 Chverolet Bel Aire. It was lost to a crash. since then every car 'cept 1 I have ever owned has been destroyed in a crash.

2) When I was in the navy I loved the rough seas more than the calm.

3) I have had 15 surgeries over thirty years. (broke a lot of shit and shit like that)

4) My trade and craft was an auto mechanic. I did well at it but it was not my true calling.

5) I was disability retired 10 years ago and had to find a new way to spend my time.

6) I first started writing poetry at the age of 14 and is the one thing I have done longer than any other. But I only recently have found my own vision and voice.

7) I like all music for drum circles to classical through rap.

Shadow said...

5 sunbaths??? your skin thanks you profusely! congratulations on your award!!!

Mariana Soffer said...

the walking man:
Beautifull poem my friend, no one know how to hold hands properly expelct yourself anymore.

Have you notice that it is literally true, probably it became after you said: "You are leaning against the tree", which is exactely right behind your post. I guess the lord works in mysterious ways.
Thank you for the compliment, but I think she diserves it from me, cause she left me at the begining of her last post on the crow blog. Which was a gentle gesture from herself.

You be well my friend.

Mariana Soffer said...

uncle tree:
My pleasure dear uncle.
Well I am having an eclictic life nowadays, I can sleep a whole day and then work nonstop, which I guess is not a healthy routine, I should make it more stable.
You are right I look really youg, also due to the fact that I am skinny and small, and do not dress in a formal way. Yes that is how my intelectual and spiritual search started in life.
I said I love playing computer games, that is wrong I hate them I should change that, or people might misunderstanding.

I really apreciate you. Hugs

Mariana Soffer said...

Thank you very much, I was really doubting about proposing you seriously, but I fliped the coin and it went tails, not head, it is so hard to decide some times. But you are a genetelman. And an amazing writer, therefore I know I still have time to give you the reward you deserve.

Take care amazing man

Mariana Soffer said...

the walking man
I guess you are not suppose to post your answers here, you are suppose to do a small post following the instructions, you can copy the post either from my blog or from I guess those are the rules of the award.
Anyway interesting to know all that facts about you life.

Charles Gramlich said...

Congrats on the award. As a kid I read everything I could find, but mysteries probably the least. Don't know why.

Mariana Soffer said...

charkes Gramlich:
Thank you very much for that! you are a gentelman. Well mystery only lasted a year for me, then I got awfully bored and never ever read anything about it.

Thanks for stepping by charles

Anonymous said...

thanks, mariana

am touched that you
think of me

seven things:

1) i've been doing 'code poetry' since 1972
2) programming since late-70s
3) on the internet since early-80s -- bbs then, email took 24 hours(!)
4) on the web since 1994
5) awarded & memed many times
6) i accept but do not display awards
7) i acknowledge but do not play memes

thank you -- best wishes

× × ×


Harlequin said...

congratulations on this well deserved accolade!
and thanks for all the wonderful back story on you

Mariana Soffer said...

Of coursem you are a real artist to me, I am impressed my friend, you are such a pioneer of computers, internet and emails, it is amazing. I wonder if you ever worked with computers doing programs, and if so which kind of programs did you like to work at.
It is really interesting that you and walking man (by the way check the second commend I made to himself) do not display awards, I was not doing either (not that I have much), but since I really apreciate the person who gave this mention to me, I thought it was nice to display it, and then I thought that the other ones where also nice people so there they are. Now I am going to refelct on the what change does it make to do it or not.

Take care and be well

Mariana Soffer said...

Thank you very much, you are such a kind and talented guy.(who wear fancy designer colorfull boots all the time)

Send you love

Anonymous said...


i worked as
a systems-level
programmer for business
from 1983 until about 1999-2000

data base management & accounting was my specialty, but when not writing for business, i wrote utility programs for programmers

i love iAPX86 assembly language, C, and Javascript(!)

× × ×


Mariana Soffer said...

Really interesting indeed, and I can tell you love javascript, it shows. It is like python for me.
So a DBA and accounting systems (cobol?) was your deal, I was a DBA myself for several years, mostly on mssql I did the databases. I did one accounting system in lotus 1 2 3, arround 20 years ago when I was in high school. I suppossed you also did fun stuff like writing programs fr programmers, I once did a parser and compiler with lex and yacc, also long time ago. I loved that job.
But what amazes me the most is your love for the javascript, transmit me the magic you feel for it. I would love to do things with functionalities similar than yours, but I do not have a clue about it.
Very interesting chat t

kj said...

thank you mariana. i will post this after ms. emily has her say on animal wednesday.

i very much appreciate this honor.


Mariana Soffer said...

My pleasure, you do a great job with the lane, thanks to you for that
take care

~otto~ said...


Stu said...

Thank you so much, Mariana. I'm really touched and honoured by the award, and to be included with some excellent bloggers/blogs. :)

Congratulations on your own award - very much deserved!

To be honest, if I played along with every meme I'm sent I would barely have time to do anything else! But this one is special, so thank you.

Your seven things are really interesting. I spent a lot of time playing computer games when younger, but nowadays I really struggle to enjoy them. I've totally lost interest.

Ok, my seven things:

1. I was born in Boston, Lincolnshire, England in 1977.

2. I moved to Australia with my parents and brother at the age of 9. Starting school in a new country was a traumatic experience for me.

3. I’ve been writing poetry ‘seriously’ since I was about 18.

4. The hardest thing I’ve ever done is a ten-day meditation retreat, meditating approx 12 hours per day while observing a vow of silence. But it was so worth it. I still meditate for half an hour every morning, and often do a second sitting later in the day.

5. For a few months when I was about 19 I worked as a blackjack croupier in a casino.

6. I DJed for 15 years, on and off. I haven’t done any DJing for about a year though. I began playing at indie pop/rock nights and have played clubs, bars, pubs, beaches, warehouses, raves, ‘bush doofs’ and house parties. I’ve been through most flavours of electronic music: tech, deep house, tribal, progressive… and played quite a few chillout sets.

7. I try to eat a vegan diet. I’ve been vegetarian for 5 years, mainly for ethical reasons.

Take care Mariana!

Jason Gusmann said...

congratulations mariana! the nomination is well-deserved -

Mariana Soffer said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mariana Soffer said...

thanks a lot to you
very interesting I loved the facts that you where a ¨DJ for so long and that you also worked in the casino, those things are amazing.
Ups need to go I will continue..

Take care and once again thanks

Mariana Soffer said...

That is is veryy nice of you I apreciate it!

Mariana Soffer said...

Jason Gusmann
Thanks a lot, I really apreciate your comment, it is very nice! like you always are, at least to me.
I apreciate it specially because it comes from an excelent poetry/text writer like you, wich I respect very much.
Be well my friend

Mariana Soffer said...

Continuing with my interrupted post, I wanted to tell you that I used to play a lot with computer games till I was arround 12, and now I can not stand them, so It is similar to your case.
Regarding number 5, I work at a horse race place for a year, it was really weird.
Which groups did you like? I was into electronic musica few years ago, We seem to like the same music which I checked on your profile, for example I listen to cd (I mostly listen to full cd's not single song) from * Joy Division
* New Order
* The Smiths
* Iggy Pop
* The Stooges
* The Velvet Underground
* Pavement
* My Bloody Valentine
* Echo & The Bunnymen
* Television
* Patti Smith
* Leonard Cohen
* Nick Drake
* B.B. King
* Miles Davis
* Tindersticks (one of my favourite groups ever)
* The Stone Roses
* Sigur Ros
* Radiohead
* Underworld (one of my favourite electronic groups)
* Autechre
* Orbital.
And just to add a few of my own portishead, bowie, everything but the girl, depeche mode, john coltrane, charles mingus, The first 3 water's CD's. cowboy junkies, sven vath and nick cave , to name just a few.
I found all your 7 points interesting.

Thanks a lot for sharing them and for your lovely compliments at the begining. Take care boy

Stu said...

Wow Mariana, we really do have quite similar tastes in music!

I love Bowie too, especially the 'Berlin' period. I like all the artists you mentioned.

Tindersticks are wonderful aren't they? Have you ever seen them live? I was lucky enough to see them in Melbourne about 6 years ago. Hypnotic and haunting.

And yes... seems there's a bit of synchronicity in our background too. Very interesting.

Mariana Soffer said...

Yes it is amazing how similar our taste in music is, and I agree with you completelly about Berlin period of bowie, and I also love the cd he produced for lou reed, I do not know if you know the story but he did a lot in lou's first cd, i do not remember the name now, the one who has the hit, "walk on the wild side"
And yes I absolutely love thindersticks, I haven t got enough words to describe them.

Take care man

ju 87 stuka said...


Do you drive now :)?

How could it be you've got such "low" memory given your general IQ is obviously anything but? "Lack of interest"?

Only a few sunbaths... What did you do while you were a teenager :)? (Well, besides reading, maths, I mean for "waisting your time"?).

"When I've got kids", I'll try to make them do this 2 2 digits multiplications *(I'll use a calculator :)). Maybe I can "create" a little Sofer-like intelligence :)? What do you think?

PS: I checked up on and now follow 2 of your favoured blogs!

Liked the end of Alain de Botton's book review: "I imagined no greater happiness than to be able to live in Paris for ever, (...) library, (...) watching the world from a corner table at Chez Antoine" & "to be reminded I am never alone".

I felt completely identified with him when he speaks about how "architecture" makes us feel "connected" to the world (the Parisian bar) or not (LA's block between freeways).

Well, you lived there, how was it?

It's funny, he was probably not much alike the trendy Parisian crows he aptly described, I bet he didn't even speak with them. And yet, he felt "company". Feeling alone/ not has a subjective side, don't you think?

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka

I have not been driving the for the last 2 years (since I came back from LA). I do not feel like it.

I remember how to solve problems and how to do things, but I do not remembers factual information of any kind.

I did play squash, go out for drinks, go to concerts, go dancing, and on my 20 years I started traveling around different places. Among other things.

I like the idea of the calculator, please do not make them do that, it is completelly useless. You make me laugh.

I am glad you checked my friend s blogs, hope you liked them, saw you read karen's one and enjoy a post, it makes me happy to hear that.

I never lived in paris, just stayed there for a while a couple of times, or are you refering about how living in LA was? if it is that the question, I do not know really, I guess it is such a big place you feel different kinds of connections for the different parts you are in. I felt connected to the world in the small suburb I was staying which was called Claremont.

Exactely! I think it is kind of puzzling in a way, even a contradictory, but at the same time I think I understand what he says, and empatize with how he felt.

Thanks a lot for your intersting words, now I would invite you to post here 7 facts about yourself, if you feel like doing it, I will be interested in knowing about them.

Vesper said...

It’s nice to find out things about you, Mariana. :-)
I love mathematics and science-fiction!

Mariana Soffer said...

Thank you, I am happy that you are interested.
Really you love math? I am amazed about it, that is trully interesting. Have you read martin gardner books that have nice mathematical tales and puzzles? He is good. There is also a part of the book "goedel escher and bach" from hofstadter that you would probably like a lot if you read it, let me know if you want it, I can lend it trough email for you.

Best wishes

ju 87 stuka said...

I understand you don't like to drive here! We do it like madmen, right :)?
Interesting how you've got "procedural" but not "verbal" memory. Was it always like that?

I didn't mean to be mean with my sunbathing, just made a pun, please excuse if it sounded aggressive! Of all the things you did, I did nothing, neither when a teen nor later :(. I did waist my time sunbathing, thou.

Any day we could play Squash! I haven't played for years, and was never good at it, but sure it helps to be fit (Summer is coming :)).

I'm glad I made you laugh at least with the calculator-aided little Soffers growing. Tell me, how do I use the calculator :)? Give me they keystrokes :)...

Blogs are immersive and addictive, a great window into other people's daily lives.

I meant LA. (That's why I included that noun on the sentence before it, M :)). So it's THAT big.

Yes, exactly! (Alain’s quote) It's contradictory but "you feel instant empathy"!

You mean write a post like if I were a real blogger? In YOUR blog?
You tell me, I could try to write on similar items than yours, to make it sound somehow symmetrical, "counterpoint", or something?
PS: Driving the… (Your 1st sentence). I have a mystery :)!

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka :
Yes after living in LA, and driving there a couple of years I am afraid of driving here because of the way people drive.

I always was like this (memory) I used to loose everything when I was a kid.because I never remember to take things from where I had left them or the place where I put them in.

I like the squash idea it is good, how about, not this but the other weekend? I must warn you tha I have not done any excercise in a long time.

The key for using the calculator is to press one key after the other, never do 2 at the same time.

I guess they are, but I tend no to talk about my personal things.

LA is several cities join in a single one, that how it is.

I meant that you should comment 7 facts from your self in my blog comment, that s all.
You right, it is not a mistery it is a mistake indeed, I do not know what I was thinking of, jua.

Take care

ju 87 stuka said...

This semester I heard the best phrase on Argentine traffic by a Mexican mate: "in other countries, driving is routine. Here it's a problem" (speaking about prodecures that require or not "consciousness"/ effort).

QSL Squash. I'm warned :). I'm no athlete myself, you know :)!
Where? We could eventually go to my club, CUBA Palermo (just after the "Planetarium"). I take the car :).

Aaah, I thought I had to press all the keys at once :).

I still want to know how you liked the idea of a calculator x education!

Sure! That's why they're interesting! (I wrote "daily live" NOT "intimate stuff". I've got a psi acquaintance that writes about all her romantic& bodily experiences. It sucks!).

Very clear, this LA explanation. I've been thinking about it today, don't know why really.

I'll comment. Paraphrasing the famous joke, I'd rather ask and risk being taken for a moron rather than do it (post) and prove it irevocably :).

"Jua" regards,

ju 87 stuka said...

1. I did first years/ "freshmen" at the UCA (catholic),
UBA (Public, Literature), CEMA (liberal, economics), UP (no ideology, Psychology), you name it!

2. I've learnt how to read with a Disney book, on my own, at age 4, and learnt French by watching TV5, yet I cannot do the simplest math.

3. My library has +2000 books, most not in Spanish, and I keep on buying. Thou it's obvious I won't ever get to read, let alone understand them!
4. Reading Dostoievsky on the worst translation imaginable I decided I wanted to study Literature.
5. I sunbathed regularly while a teenager, as I did go to mass. Nothing remains in me of both habits.
6. If there were a Guinness entry for "forgotten things in a row", I would be a strong candidate.
7. I love PC games, but never had a working PC to play them (yet).

PS: Why do you "deeply hate" comp. games? Couse you "understand the wiring inside" or just deem them unworthy of your time? Have you tried "The Sims"/ Sid Meier's Civilization/ Age of Empires franchise?

Mariana Soffer said...

ju stuka 87

Nice phrase about traffic, I liked that.

The squash thing sounds good, how about Saturday or Sunday afternoon? not these ones but next-next I can for sure.

I loved the idea about the calculator x education, I thought it was really imaginative and creative.

I am happy that you have like me writing about your romantic experiences, I agree it sucks, besides who cares about that?

Great joke, although I would say it is also an interesting philosophical quotation at the same time.

You make me smile. Bye

Mariana Soffer said...

ju stuka 87
1. I thought at the first university you studied at. I remembered about the last one and the UBA part
2.Amazing skills my friend I knew you where incredibly smart.
3.I tend to buy too many books to, but you read much more than I do.
6.I guess we are both

A friend of mind who I really respect recommended to me the simms and explained it. It seemed to be then really interstice.
I hate them because I can not understand how can people waste so much time at work or at their places playing with them, while I am a lot with the computer but I try to spend as little time as I can because It kind of ruins your back, eyes and many other extra things. I do not know I just feel it is a stupid habit myself, which is not completelly justified, I understand.

Thanks a lot for your 7 things I really enjoyed them

ju 87 stuka said...

Yes, the UCA was a huge mistake. One day I'll tell you! The options back then (92') were the UB, which had a "bad reputation" and the UCA, which seemed "more serious". I decided to "gulp" catholicism, looking for sth. more "european", "humanistic" than the UCA. It sucked...

Yeah, I'm incredibly smart :)! Like a blue eyed blonde friend I've got :)!

Who told you I read'em :) :(?
I store them... In fact, I'm going there, it's a small room in my father's study.

6.1. Well, then, it's a shared price!

I understand heavily why you just wouldn't spend any MORE time with your PC to "have fun". Between your work, research and blog, I guess your eyes & back etc. must be "au limite"!

I'm glad to be of service :)!

ju 87 stuka said...

Glad you like the Mexican's diagnose. The only thing is: the less you practice (driving), the worse one gets. (You know that).

Squash: the timetable you chose is not the best. Unless you go on a Saturday kind of 1 PM, there'll be people. Can't you in the morning? (Sat/ Sun). Not that we'll play x 2 hours :), but anyway, imagine there are quite a few socios, and there are even some tournaments, and stuff. I spoke with the guy there, "Felix", he could give us a class were we to want to. He's after 1 PM. Weekdays before 6 PM are always way better, but you can't right?

Glad to make you smile! I'd never thought :)!!

Many people care about sex & romance, I guess... If not, why the eternally popular Best sellers, like Sidney Sheldon and the like :)? Panesi (a lit. Theory 1 teacher, Frenchie, a capo) used to say that "one should read one of those books" (he always said he wasn't courageous enough :)!).

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka

We all make mistakes, I was lucky about my university choice. The problem with UCA, is that all students are rich kids who just want to do nothing and study because they parents told them to do so.

Thanks for the compliment my brillant friend!

Well books are nice objects to store.

Well maybe one day you can help me deal with the post, would you like that? it might be interesting, if it does not work we just stop, no problem to try.

Take care

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka
I know but I also think it is like ridding a bike once you learn it is not hard to get it back.

I can not on weekdays before 7, work, just like that. Regarding mornings, I am to lazy to get up early and go out the day I can stay in my pijamas till late. Cant we try anyway?

Most people do care about that, I do care about it too, it is just that I found those books awfull, and I also do not like sharing with other my private things. But I read one of those, yes I did

Have a great weekend my friend, take care!

ju 87 stuka said...

Uni: So the UCA’s are like the UP/ UB/… but with a bit of mo’ money :)?
The problem with Psi was compounded because of “religion everywhere”. Their “bible” was a philosopher that no psychologist from any other Uni knows (I’ve asked PhDs, from Sorbonne and USA). Etc. At least in Engineering, I suppose, they do study, well, just that. Right?

You're the bright one. Period :).

Books are nice to store... I've you've got a reliable librarian :). Do you have a reliable maid at least :)?

Sorry I didn't get what you meant by "help you with the post". Post office :)? Erasing junk mail/ spam :)? Answering people who post too much on your blog :) :)?

ju 87 stuka said...

Driving: Hmm... Each time I ride here in BA I feel I've got to be focused. Specially at night, on rush hours & on weekends. Once I stopped x 3 months and when I restarted, sincerely, I was afraid...
Sure if you were to drive back in the States, probably "catch up time" would be less indeed!

Digression: BA traffic & specially pedestrians (...) are worse every time. My "sociologist's" hypothesis is that we, as a society, are each time more impatient and "self centered". And less educated.

Intimacy and/ vs Best sellers: Anyway, we're missing the point: these pop books are fiction, and we were talking about "true life", right? Anyway. Tell me which one you've read :).

Late Squash: NOW I know what you meant on your "7 things" with: "I have waking up early". You mean you 'HATE' it? Typos, my friend ...!

Your "can we try anyway" is moving so, let's see. "Is 1 PM on a Saturday" still to early? No pijamas please :).

Eventually (let me ask) maybe on a Sunday after, say, 6 PM would be less crowded. Specially on "long holidays", perhaps. I'm gonna give it a try today.

Anyway, we could go at ANY time, I "put my name on the notebook" and sooner or later, we should be in. If you don't mind other people being there waiting x us to finish, it's OK.

Maybe we'll meet my 2 cousins who play on 1st-2nd, still now (they're over 40).

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka

I completelly understand what you mean in your first paragraph, due to the little that I know about how you things and mu knowledge about the things you are talking about.

Thanks but I am not sure about being so bright, there are some areas where I really am not.

I do have a relaiable made, I agree that books are precious objects indeed, there are beautifull and magical for me.

I meant that help me reply to the questions that people make, and maybe some other thing you might like to help with.
We should talk this by email instead

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka

I think your hipotesis makes sense, but why do you think that is? is it related to technology and multitasking, instant satisfaction culture? Also I do not think these happens all over the world only in some places.

Which ones of the crappy books you mean? well I guess several from agathar christie, one from isabel allende, one from sydney sheldon, and as far as I can remember that's it.(shame on me)
No 1 pm could be ok, but 6 pm sunday sounds much better, let me know how it went. I do not mind to wait.
Cousings are ok, maybe they will be fun as well.

Take care and thanks

ju 87 stuka said...

Driving: ??
What I told you was solely for illustrative purposes: If in 3 months you do feel the "lack of practice" in 2 years... I don't want to imagine! Unless you're planning to emigrate soon, strat driving, baby :)!

At least you've got the "capacity to learn" and the curiosity. Not many people do.

I hadn't thougth books were magical, but now, upon reflection, you're right.

QSL mail!

ju 87 stuka said...

Funny how people interpret things according to their "areas of specialization"! Sure it doesn't happen elsewhere, that was my whole point! Nothing to do with "driving per se", I took it as a "measure" of how mentally unhealthy we Argentines are as a society!

I would say socio economical causes: People are afraid and stressed for nobody knows what will happen even tomorrow, we are not safe (not even at our homes), our government can steal our savings yet again, and so on. So it's like an "induced neurosis": we are on the brink of a socially induced nervous breakdown. Like rats who are shocked one too many times. You can tell us about that, there must be lab experiences on it, right?
(We are the rats now...).

Sidney Sheldon, tell me all about it! I'll never read HER :).

6PM Sunday then. If the day is nice it'd be sort of a pity to loose it (you can take a book, we hire a couple chairs, you don't have to sunbathe, I don't talk :)). If not you tell me and I fetch you with das auto (an oldie, I warn you :)). Yes, cousins are fun in a weird sort of way.

PS: I wrote "thought" with a typo. Please, put it right x me! We don't want errors in your blog, right?

PS2: *totally unrelated* I just saw this great classical movie, funny how they could to so much with so limited means: Read if you can Kim Anehall's superb review on Amazon, it speaks about the power of the visual on love, and how it blinds people. I thougt it was related to one of your former posts and the one on Facebook.

PS3: Please erase the "Driving: ??" from my last post, I didn't realize you were answering politely to my UCA critique. I guess I fell victim to the multitasking you were talking about in the beginning :). Posting (well) takes time!

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stuka
Sorry, I am, swamped.
Thanks a lot for the compliment, I think the same applies to you, if you want me I can take you out for a ride too.
I am glad you agree with books being magical. makes me smile.

Mariana Soffer said...

ju 87 stu

It is a big point the one about how you see things according your specialization, sure it is.

Sure they are, I have a friend who is a cognitive psychoanalysts that is an expert on rats, and she stress them, a lot, to prove those kind of stuff (similar ones.)

S H. I do not think I remember much, just that it was crap.

What a pity too late, just opened the mail. Thanks a lot any way.

I make lots of typos, and I do not consider them important at all.

Thanks a lot for the recommendation, I will check it out! it seems really interesting.

Do not worry, allow yourself to make errors, we all do, as long as we knowledge them it is perfectly OK.

Hugs friend