Saturday, January 23, 2010

The world as idea

It too easy to build castles of pure intellect with foundations on clouds.

A simulation can never be the truth. The truth is what hides that there is no truth indeed.

Reading a post from Nova Spivack, the creator or Twine, made me think for the first time about the possibility that consciousness was as much a fabrication, as space and time. This article triggered a cascade of thoughts in my self, mind, universe, you, ??? (Quantum physics theory makes sense here, it seems impossible to avoid the observer's influence over the phenomena).

I thought that consciousness as well as space and time could be thought as constructed frameworks, artificially generated contexts, and also as boundaries were existing entities can be identified. Actually one common definition of consciousness is a certain context or grouping of objects.

History shows us that the concepts about these fabrications varied among cultures. Greeks believed time was circular, not linear. Space's shape was thought to be of many different forms. Consciousness did not exist in some cultures, instead men thought they where automatically obeying the voices of god according to Julian Jaynes.

It looks like space, time and consciousness were conceived by men. We might have thought that by creating them we where building the firsts universals, but indeed what we were doing was setting the foundations for globalization.

According to Baudrillard the problem with global is that it brings along violence. Global can be characterized by technical efficiency, total organization, integral circulation and the equivalence of all exchanges; it is related to technology, the market, information and tourism. Contrary to it there is the concept of universalization that has to do with human rights, liberty and culture.

He leads us to understand that in a globalized word there are no real sacrifices, which leaves us just in the situation of receiving. Not from God or nature, but by a technological mechanism of generalized exchange and common gratification. Everything is given to us here; we have gained the right to all things. The problem is that eventually we start hating our excess of comfort, our definite accomplishment. It makes us desperate and hopeless because is indeed the result of the realization of our desires.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Out of order

My dear friends, I am sorry to inform you that I won't be able to spend much time blogging (just for a short while) due to health problems (nothing serious). Meanwhile I wanted to share with you some places that I enjoy visiting.

No one loves me
this is a blog where several fantastic artist posted entries, trough here I was able to discover 2 bloggers who I became fan of:
1. Imogen posts on
doggerel. Here is a nice example of it: I decided to stop being me and start being you. I'm easier, I think, and much more tangible in pretend.
2. Andre Jordan posts on A beautifull revolution. The picture on top of this post is a nice sample of this.

Miranda July
Check out the following things she did:
3. This and this sort of dada videos.

Design and the Elastic mind
This was an amazing exhibition at the moma with a really innovative user interface and
tons of wonderfull artists including:
1. AMOEBA: a circular basin built to evaluate effects of waves on ships.
2. Accesories for lonely man: scroll down all trough the eight fascinating and beetersweet photographs.
3. Shadow monsters: monsters materializing from shadows.

An experimental view of reading a text.
Read Alice's adventures in Wonderland in a hole new way here.

Origami Simulation Software
TreeMaker Software allows you to desgin, preview and even assemble your origamis trough a home computer.