Friday, January 30, 2009

Computers and Brains

According to Carr information technology is best understood as the latest in a series of broadly adopted technologies that have reshaped industry over the past two centuries - from the railroad to the telegraph to the electric generator.
Nowadays explaining the difference between the brain and a technology device is pretty difficult. It became so confusing that some people consider that they are almost the same. thing.,

In order to clarity this confusion here are 4 important differences between them:

-Brains are analog and computers are digital.
-Processing speed is not fixed in the brain and it is lacking the system clock.
-No hardware/software distinction can be made with respect to the brain or mind.
-Processing and memory are preformed by the same components in the brain. In the computer they are not.
-Brains have bodies.
-Brains can not run windows.
-Computers can be turned off.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tape this

Ocupar la soledad es un arte agradable; para unos imposible, para otros genial. Sólo los que dejan a veces de dormir para soñar, que encuentran belleza en la oscuridad, con calma; que piensan más de lo absolutamente necesario, que sienten molestia, que no logran encontrarse del todo, pueden acompañarme hoy. Saldremos a divertirnos si les parece. Dejaremos al resto boquiabiertos. Podremos sorprendernos alguna vez y lograr lo que cada uno anhela o lo que todos desean.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Keep it simple

Be greatefull for what you have

I never found a single person that did not agree with the phrase "Life is hard". The biggest variation I found was "sometimes life is harder than others". So, Big Deal?

Do you want to avoid suffering? It's easy. Stop caring about anybody or anything. Stop getting involved in any kind of activity that could make you feel excited and/or happy. But bear in mind decisions have consequences. You are not going to find joy, true happiness, or real passion.

In real life there is only one important decision to make, the first one is to kill yourself and the second one is to make an effort to have a better life, take a decision as soon as you can and reach your goal. It is not a big deal. Anyway no one can survive life.

Life can be pretty interesting (never easy), If you try to get closer and closer to your desires, you have the possibility to reach what you want. The secret is to be able to fail without taking the failure personal, taking it as a part of a hole.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Movies and Art

During the times we are living in, the search for originality has been transformed among artist in a real mass movement, which is common and conventional, that is exactly the same as no-originality.

Passion can be thought as the state of the mind when it is powerfully acted upon and influenced by something external to itself; the state of any particular faculty which, under such conditions, becomes extremely sensitive or uncontrollably excited; It involves emotions, sometimes irrationality and usually an extreme desire.

Movies are an art form; Nevertheless a vast amount of people call Hollywood a movie factory.
This is because movies are being made with formulas that are repeated tons of times, those repetitions include the way scripts are written, the angle cameras are positioned in each scene, the kind of clothes actors use, etc. Given the way people work in these movies they are usually not very interested neither passionate about their jobs; therefore they start working in an automatic way, without getting involved.

It is hard to understand how is it that they believe and make believe that they produce "Art", when they work with even less passion that the one a factory worker has for wrapping raw hamburgers.

When marketers convince us to follow their trends,
the difference between humans and insects gets a little blurrier

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art I

The concept of what art has continuously changed over centuries.

The Latin word "art" it is equivalent to the Greek world "technique". Originally it was applied to everything that human beings produced and to all the disciplines that where learned for producing them. Therefore cooks, gardeners, constructors, painters and poets (among many others) where considered artists.

Now art is generally used to denominate the activity performed by human beings consisting in expressing (among other personal mental contents) ideas, emotions and particular visions of the world, through diverse resources.

In the past artist or artisans used to have almost the lowest social status.Nowadays famous artists (which are not necessarily good artists) are admired and venerated by some parts of society.

Current opinions of what art is differ among themselves more than historical ones.
Here are some interesting examples:
-Art is an expression of our culture and the time in which we live - and `great' art has the potential to transcend cultural boundaries.
- Art is the rubric of human consciousness.
- Art is creativity without strategy.