Saturday, January 24, 2009

Be greatefull for what you have

I never found a single person that did not agree with the phrase "Life is hard". The biggest variation I found was "sometimes life is harder than others". So, Big Deal?

Do you want to avoid suffering? It's easy. Stop caring about anybody or anything. Stop getting involved in any kind of activity that could make you feel excited and/or happy. But bear in mind decisions have consequences. You are not going to find joy, true happiness, or real passion.

In real life there is only one important decision to make, the first one is to kill yourself and the second one is to make an effort to have a better life, take a decision as soon as you can and reach your goal. It is not a big deal. Anyway no one can survive life.

Life can be pretty interesting (never easy), If you try to get closer and closer to your desires, you have the possibility to reach what you want. The secret is to be able to fail without taking the failure personal, taking it as a part of a hole.

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