Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Art I

The concept of what art has continuously changed over centuries.

The Latin word "art" it is equivalent to the Greek world "technique". Originally it was applied to everything that human beings produced and to all the disciplines that where learned for producing them. Therefore cooks, gardeners, constructors, painters and poets (among many others) where considered artists.

Now art is generally used to denominate the activity performed by human beings consisting in expressing (among other personal mental contents) ideas, emotions and particular visions of the world, through diverse resources.

In the past artist or artisans used to have almost the lowest social status.Nowadays famous artists (which are not necessarily good artists) are admired and venerated by some parts of society.

Current opinions of what art is differ among themselves more than historical ones.
Here are some interesting examples:
-Art is an expression of our culture and the time in which we live - and `great' art has the potential to transcend cultural boundaries.
- Art is the rubric of human consciousness.
- Art is creativity without strategy.